Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Squash baked in marinara sauce

Squash baked in marinara sauce
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Slightly burned. Ugh... I was doing so well today too! Messing around with photos was what did it, I completely lost track of time. It tasted great though and the smell drew my flatmate out of his room. Which left me with a dilemma: you often hear of CRON people being tempted by the food from the plates of others (I am as guilty as anyone in that respect) but what does one do when a non-cron wants to partake of carefully weighed and measured deliciousness? I was planning on eating the whole thing. Do you encourage nutritious eating or refuse, prioritising your own optimal nutrition?

I chose to encourage and spread the word of CRON. The zen was short lived however, when an hour later I was starving.

I decided to make the tofu chocolate pudding since I had enough calories left over.

I hated it!

What a waste of chocolate! I'm off tofu for life. YUCK! Bleurgh! Horrid. Never again.

I consoled myself with some low-fat custard and (unfortunately) some nutter butters my flatmate offered in compensation for the squash. Not a fair trade, I feel. I was at about 900 calories after dinner but these few yucky sugary trans-fatty snacks pushed me up to 1500. Great.

Moral: sometimes it's best not to share.


Sara said...

How did you make the pudding? I can't believe you didn't like it - what a shame! :-)

skinnybitch said...

I've encountered the same problem - I'll have my whole meal all weighed out and ready to eat, and then my husband will say, "Hey, can I have some of that?" How can I say no? It's even harder when one of the kids decides she wants what I'm having. If my toddler is actually *asking* for shiitake mushrooms, I would be a very bad mommy indeed if I denied her of them.
Finally, I decided to start making a little extra at each meal, just in case. The worst that can happen is I'm left with some leftovers, which means a little less cooking the next day.

JD said...

I made the pudding with 80% of a melted no-sugar dark chocolate bar, a little 1/2 fat cream and a tsp or so of splenda. I poured the sauce lukewarm onto the the dreadful tofu and mixed it in. Maybe I used too much tofu? I don't know. I didn't put it in the fridge, just ate some then and there.

The chocolate sauce tasted great but the tofu made it awful! I think tofu is just too much of a savoury taste for me. After what it did to the lovely chocolate I'm in no rush to see it in my fridge again, that's for sure.

Robin - yeah I def need to get better at making recipes in COM and then weighing out as much as I need to reach my target/not be hungry. Usually I think great, I've got enough calories left, I CAN EAT THE WHOLE THING. That's bad cause I get that bloated glutton feeling which I hate.

Sara said...

The way I make the pudding is to use a whole pack of Mori-nu to 25g of Green and Black's cocoa powder, and blend the whole lot with a little soy milk in the food processor... It doesn't taste of tofu at all, just of really dark chocolately deliciousness... it's really quite rich. Try again! I must admit your method makes it soun a little unappealing. :-)