Friday, 20 July 2007

CRON eating out success

I had a (minor) CRON success last night! I met up with my sister in one of those despised corporate chain pubs the youth are so fond of these days. Examining the menu for the healthiest item, I concluded it was either the salmon and asparagus or the prawn salad. Since I'd already had prawns in my homemade lunch salad I opted for the salmon. It was the first time I'd ever asked for sauces or dressings 'on the side'. It felt so weird! But good! I also asked for the salmon grilled, not fried. This meant the meal took longer to come out but that was fine. I later learned that this was because the chain pre-fry the salmon and then warm it up for the salad as and when it's needed - urgh! It came out lovely and barbeque-y on a bed of lettuce and grilled asparagus. Dressings were two little pots of garlic mayonnaise and a honey mustard dressing. I tried a knifeful of the mayo - disgusting, but the honey mustard was sweet and I ate about half of the little pot... hmm. I also ordered the green vegetable side which contained green beans, broccoli and two types of asaparagus (Love that stuff). Unfortunately those lovely steamed greens had been topped with a wodge of butter. I drained them as best I could and added them into my salad. Why does everything in this country have to be slathered in butter?

I'm glad I had the chance to do that because tonight and tomorrow I'm eating at restaurants. Tonight's is indian which I'm guessing is going to be pretty lethal in terms of calories. I kept my breakfast high in protein (a 2-egg omlette with mussels and mushrooms plus a vanilla/ginger/cinnamon protein shake) and lunch was a tub of watermelon cubes. I can't quite remember what COM said this morning but I think it came to no more than 700 cals. Tonight I'm going to avoid rice, curry, fried food, popadoms, naan bread etc and stick to tandoori grilled meats and sauceless, vegetarian dishes like aubergine, dal and lentils. I hope that's the CRON thing to do! I don't think an Indian restaurant would appreciate being asked for sauces on the side???

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