Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Beans, Beans and Lentils

Today I've had the world's most ridiculous craving for beans which I believe has been caused by a weekend of hideous non-CRON debauchery (why why why can't I resist free food?). I included half a tin of white beans (well rinsed) in my salad this morning to get a little protein and since midday have been craving beans like nobody's business. Came home and had one of my favourite snacks - half a pack of edamame boiled from frozen in their pods with a dolop of wasabi paste. By the way does anyone know what the difference is between the two COM entries for frozen edamame? Does "prepared" mean boiled and in their shells or boiled and out of their shells?

After the beans I was still craving beans or beany type goodness so I boiled half a cup of green lentils (86g dry) in water with some tumeric and a dried chilli until they were falling apart. I've never made lentils for myself before but they appear to be the Ultimate Comfort Food! I didn't realise how much they swelled so half of them are still sitting in the pot for later. Next time I'll make half as much.

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