Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Kale creations

This is a cauliflower cheese I made for my dinner last night. The cheese sauce is made from a mixture of soft silken tofu, cream cheese and a splash of soymilk. I used weight watchers low-fat onion and chive flavoured cream cheese at about a 2:3 ratio of cheese to tofu. You could use whatever ratio you perfer. It was a bit dry so next time I'd probably add more liquid. Topped with 2g parmesan and ground nutmeg.

~163 calories

Also on my flickr is a 2 egg omelette with prawns and kale for 231 calories which turned out a little too salty because I added some soy sauce.

Tonight I made a pate with the organic liver I bought at the farmer's market over the weekend for iron and B vitamins. It's setting in the fridge overnight!

No dinner tonight for reasons to be explained when I'm less tired.

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