Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Another Shirataki Dinner

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Tin of chopped tomatoes from the back of the cupboard, seasoned with dried basil & oregano and tabasco. Fried (no oil) with shirataki, fresh garlic and a chopped up quorn banger. Fresh basil, 2g grated parmesan and black pepper to serve.

~ 200 calories (163 without the shirataki).

Today marks the end of six days of absolutely atrocious eating triggered by gourmet restaurant food, cheese, oatmeal, museli, bread, pasta and chocolate. Urgh! I'm way too addicted to starchy carbs and sugar and need to go cold turkey on sugar and reduce white carbs for at least a month if not six months. I simply cannot eat them in small portions yet.

My biggest problem is my black and white attitude towards weighing and measuring food. I keep thinking if I can't weigh and measure, I can't do CRON. If I eat a cookie, I've 'failed' for the day and might as well eat half a dozen cookies. This is a really bad habit. I'm going to try to blog more often as it helps keep me focused on good nutrition which really is key to doing CRON and not going wiggy with sugar and carb cravings.

I got 98g protein today! It's amazing how much protein helps with hunger and carb cravings. I'm also experimenting with reducing my portion sizes and drinking lots more during mid morning when i'm craving carbs the most.

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Mizpah said...

I am finding the same thing with increasing my protein. The carb cravings have practically disappeared!