Sunday, 22 July 2007

My weekend of CRON restauranting

Friday, Indian: Ordered a tandoori grill with red lentil dal. The dal was nice but probably contained too much ghee. The tandoori meats were mostly ok except two pieces of chicken which were served coated in a sweet sauce. I tried to ask how they were cooked before ordering but the waiter didn't speak much english and didn't really understand. I also tried a few bites of my boyfriend's hot lamb curry. No rice but unfortunately I did have a poppadom with chutney and 4(!) chunks of peshwari naan bread because I was still hungry. This was mostly due to urging from my boyfriend to 'try some' (I HATE THIS!) and not wanting it to go to waste (food waste is a big bugbear of mine). No dessert as the naan bread was sweet enough! After the restaurant we went to a bar where I had a glass of tomato juice and a non-alcoholic cocktail made with strawberry syrup and milk... bad!

Saturday, Japanese: Shabu Shabu is a dish which consists of thinly sliced beef you boil yourself at the table. It's served with vegetables and udon (I was going to ask for the udon to be switched to salad). I'd never had it before but was looking forward to trying it. The restaurant however, had other ideas and required a minimum of two people to prepare the dish. Instead I had mixed sashimi with a steamed octopus salad. Both were very small dishes and I was still hungry afterwards. No dessert and I decided not to go to the bar given the excess of the previous night. For breakfast that morning I ate a 230 calorie two-egg omelette with kale and prawns. Kale is lovely in an omelette! I also went to the farmer's market and bought some organic veggies, liver, eggs... and a delicious chocolate cupcake with dried cranberries. In fresh and wild I also had a chip with guacamole. Not the best nutrition but within my calorie limit for the day.

Sunday, Spanish Tapas: Again this morning I had the kale and prawn omelette to use up those ingredients and a little yogurt with sliced mango for 372 calories. This afternoon my friend and I went for all-you-can-eat tapas which was dire. I chose olives, spanish tomato salad, mixed salad, mussels in a tomato sauce, chicken in a white wine sauce and a baked aubergine dish for the table. I shared these with my friend who had half the chicken and mixed salad. I tried a piece of his spanish omlette, two fried squid and about 4 pieces of chorizo. I had a fruit beer with this too but no dessert. This was definitely too much food and unfortunately the mussels must not have been cooked properly as they caused me to be ill shortly afterwards. This evening I just had a banana as my appetite is not really with me. Not a great CR day.

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