Sunday, 29 July 2007

Grilled oatmeal herring with rainbow chard

Today was a bit of a one-huge-meal day as befits a Sunday in this country. My dinner was not the usual grease-laden roast though, it was a mini farewell to the bad old days. I used up the last 15g of the oatmeal which has tempted me too many times from the virtuous path of CRON. The oatmeal was laid to rest scottish-style on two lovely herring with a little smear of a low-fat spread and lemon juice mixture to keep it in place and seasoned with fresh thyme, dried parsley, salt and pepper. Grilled on a medium heat. Only one herring is pictured; I ate two.

Yesterday I made my second trip to the organic farmer's market, before noon this time, which yielded much better results than last week. Even though tasty cakes, breads, cheeses and pies attacked from all sides, I managed to abstain and instead obtain 20p's worth of some lovely rainbow chard (pictured) which is sweet, delicious and extremely pretty. Also purchased a summer squash, knobbly cucumber, cos lettuce, rhubarb tomatoes, eggs and some lamb's liver which has since been made into a pate. The rhubarb, likewise has been prepared, stewed with splenda and cinnamon and eaten with low-fat custard (see flickr). The leftover rhubarb will likely be part of breakfast tomorrow.

I feel like I've eaten a feast though I'm only at 909 calories for the day. I think I'll stay low since I ate out at a Turkish restaurant yesterday (cue bread and hummus) and had a vegan, sugarfree brownie at the cinema as well as reminding myself earlier in the day, via a friend's plate, why I loathe fried chicken.


Sara said...

Which market did you go to? Your photos are great! And I love rainbow chard. I grew loads last year, but didn't eat anywhere near enough of it. It is so delicious.

JD said...

The organic market is in stoke newington

"All the produce at the market is organic, biodynamic or wild and is sold by the producers themselves who all come from within 100 miles of Hackney."

The rainbow chard was indeed delicious. It doesn't last long though...