Thursday, 28 June 2007

Last Night's Dinner

Low-cal Dinner
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Japanese curry sauce with quorn chicken style pieces, asparagus, mango, ginger, onion, lime juice and shirataki. It looks a lot more greasy than it actually was. I didn't add any oil though, promise! The little block of curry had enough saturated fat on its own. I think it's just glistening from the mango.

~450 calories for the entire pan! COM said 445 but I don't have the nutrition info for the shirataki. I know they're pretty low cal so I'm just rounding up. This amount of food would feed 2 but I ate the whole lot because I had eaten less than 50% of my calories before dinner. I was really hungry!

The whole thing according to COM was 19g protein, 10 g fat, 59g carbs.

25g Japanese curry sauce
100g Quorn chicken style pieces
89g Asparagus (boiled in COM)
6g fresh lime juice (could do with more lime. zest might be good too)
4g raw ginger
260g raw mango
60g raw onions (too much onion for me but I wanted to use it up)

COM says I was still under 1100 for the whole day but I wish I'd eaten more earlier on than be hungry enough to wolf down 2 bowls of curry before bed.

Also, what do people do if COM doesn't have a value for a cooked food? Is the raw value still ok to use? I guess it's always an approximation.

Tonight I'm staying at my mother's and tomorrow I'm going to a wedding reception. I'm going to try to adopt Robin's DTBIC attitude!


Sara said...

Hello... Where did you find the shirataki? Your meal looks delicious. Also very P friendly so I might be stealing that idea. I can't be bothered to cook so imaginatively just for me. :-)

I usually use the data for raw veggies in CoM. Most of the time I steam them lightly anyway, which certainly isn't the same as "cooked, boiled, drained" in my book, and after some random testing the nutritional values are similar enough for most veggies not to worry about it.

Anonymous said...

In London, you can buy shirataki at the Japanese Kitchen shop on Putney Bridge (they also deliver, and carry the thickening starch made from yuzu which is a good lower-cal substitute for cornflour)... I bet some shops in Chinatown have it as well.

JD said...

I got the curry blocks and shirataki in the downstairs supermarket in the Japan centre in Piccadilly circus.

I usually go there once or twice a month to get frozen bags of edamame, tofu and brown rice tea bags. They also sell agar agar and Japanese/asian veg like daikon and lotus root. They also have some very cheap and tasty takeaway sashimi.

It takes a special kind of will power to walk past the mochi and dorayaki though... :/