Thursday, 9 August 2007


TTBMLR is my new acronym: Trying To Be More Like Robin. One of the things I like about Robin’s blog is that she keeps a separate blog detailing her food and data from COM. It’s been really helpful to me to see an example of a real CRON diet for someone who’s about the same height as me. So, I’m going to start doing the same, as much as I can. I have to realise there will be times when I can’t measure everything (like restaurant food) but when I can I’ll post my COM data. Obviously I want to do that as much as possible to get some good stats on my nutrition deficiencies. This will help me be a bit more accountable to myself because other CRONies will be able to see what I’m eating. There’s nothing like knowing someone’s watching you to keep you from eating that free brownie.

I’ve also purchased a very cute portable scale so I can measure food when I’m out. Discretely, of course! It should be arriving any day now. Very exciting. One thing I did notice that quite a lot of portable scales are designed to look like mobile phones. How wonderful, I thought, the designers have catered for the furtive needs of the CR community! This was until my flatmate reminded me that these scales may be used for less virtuous consumption… I opted for a non-cellular looking scale. Photo to follow when it arrives.


Christina said...

Hello, great blog! I found a link off of Sara's site and look forward to reading more.

skinnybitch said...

Aw shucks!
All this role model talk is going to go to my head if you all keep it up for much longer...