Monday, 20 August 2007

No love for the big salad

Well, at least not from my work colleagues. I, however, love my big salad. As a matter of fact it’s not that big: 120g romaine, 150g tomato, 200g cucumber, 15g red onion, 50g cubes of low-fat feta and 100g low-cal hummus (thanks for the recipes Arturo!).

Why are some people compelled to pass judgement on a defenceless salad when not a comment is made about the gentleman eating a plate of chips (fries) with mayonnaise? Indeed, it would probably be downright rude to comment on the greasy gak but it seems salad is fair game. Fear not poor salad, I will defend you and continue to eat you every day around 12. x x x


Sara said...

I got exactly the same reaction from people at work earlier in the year,and I eat a far larger salad than that for lunch! An even worse reaction when I tried to microwave a pack of broccoli to top it with. One of the many reasons I am glad to work at home most days.

skinnybitch said...

Hmm...I'll be interested to see how my new co-workers react when I pull out my truly gigantic lunchtime salad.