Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Hummus (too much tahini)

Am I right in thinking that chickpeas are an ok food for CRON, high in both iron and zinc? Hummus definitely helps me fill up on raw veggies. My local supermarket sells a hummus that’s 135 kcal/100g. Not as low as the big supermarket’s low-fat hummus 133kcal/100g but that’s usually mixed with low-fat cream cheese or something to thin it out and doesn’t taste as good. I also don’t want to buy from the chain supermarkets if I don’t have to. Both contain several E numbers which I haven’t learned off by heart yet, so I'm wary.

Therefore I’m making my own with my blender! I bought a can of chickpeas (77kcal/100g – so low, can that be right!?), tahini, a lemon, cumin and some garlic. I used about 1/3 cup tahini which was way, way too much. It’s so high calorie! I also used 3 cloves of garlic, again overkill. The recipe came to 200kcal/100g. Hmmm. I’ll have to refine the recipe. I’m determined to get it lower than 135kcal/100g.

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Arturo said...

Hi. I make several types of hummus each week. I was sprouting the chickpeas or green peas or lentils. Recently, I thought I was having adverse reactions to sprouting (I would not know why, I have been doing this 3 years) so I did what you did - used canned garbanzos. I really vary the recipe a lot. I add beet (raw), artichokes (canned), 1 carrot. If you search my blog, I have the recipes posted somewhere. I have just not been sprouting the veggies. I entered all the ingredients into COM and one serving of 125g is about 130 calories, for each of the two pates I make (sweet potato, and lentil). I use large teaspoons of tahini. To hold the mass together I use 4 teaspoons of dijon nayonaise (soy based mayonaise).