Saturday, 16 June 2007

Drink calories and protein shakes

One thing I am grateful for with CRON is that I rarely drink alcohol. In fact, when I do it's usually due to social pressure rather than any desire to drink it per se. I like red wine but I also like water, tea, juice and milk just as much, if not more. I don't ever crave the taste of wine, beer or spirits. I'm just rather indifferent to them. My usual liquid intake consists of a huge mug of green tea in the morning along with several cups of water during the day and evening. Recently I've been having a vanilla whey protein shake in the evenings after my dinner as dessert to up my protein. The brand I use is met-rx supreme in vanilla flavour which I mix with unsweetened Alpro soymilk. I really enjoy the flavour and texture and it helps to keep my sweet tooth at bay but at 160 cals for 250 ml it bloody better. I'm also a total soymilk convert now, I find it tastes so much lighter and fresher than skimmed milk.

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