Sunday, 10 June 2007

Low-cal Crab & Sweetcorn soup

Serves 2

600ml water
1/2 Chicken Stock cube - I used an oxo cube
115g (whole tin) of John West White Meat Crab in brine
115g Green Giant Salad Crisp Sweetcorn
30g Egg White
15g Spring onions
Ginger to taste - I used 4g

Dissolve the stock cube in a little water and then add to the remaining water and bring to the boil. Then add onions and crushed ginger (I dry fried mine first) to the stock followed by the crab and sweetcorn. Stir the soup while you drip the egg white into it so it forms little strands.

1 serving is just under 100 cals and provides about 13g protein.

For dessert I had 100g of mango with 70g low-fat yogurt for 93 calories. Yum!

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