Thursday, 21 June 2007

Tatsoi, figs and portion sizes

I've mentioned previously that I've taken to making my own salads for lunch instead of eating in the cafeteria at work. This has has had a great impact on my CRON, (except for one day this week where my leafy greens weren't so fresh and turned a bit watery during the course of the morning). One of the greens is something called Tatsoi which isn't listed in CoM. Very frustrating! I've been unable to locate it on nutritiondata either. Same goes for baby chard.

I've also been thinking about something I read on a CRON blog (can't remember which one) about fullness, portion sizes and how it's best to reduce portions, eschewing bulk due to fullness stretching the stomach. I generally make my way through my huge salad in one lunch hour (12-1) which leaves me satisfied but also a little bloated, which I don't like. I get quite hungry before 12 and can't wait for my lunch. I consume it within an hour and the fullness lasts for about 3 hours after which I'm hungry again and usually eat a piece of fruit. However, today I tried eating my lunch only until I wasn't hungry anymore and saving the rest of the salad until later. It seems to be working! Another tiny step forward in CRON. :)

This morning I had a little scrambled egg for breakfast alongside a lovely fresh fig with low fat yogurt and pumpkin seeds.

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