Monday, 3 September 2007

Camo Peach

Camouflage Peach
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So I calmed the hell down a little over the weekend and stopped worrying so much about food, calories, hunger and meal timings. I ate when I was hungry and I ate things that perhaps weren't optimal (dark rye bread and brie!) but I feel much better about myself.

Still I'm 2lbs over the weight I need to be for my competition on Saturday so I need to be quite careful with my intake this week.

I re-realised that I too often concentrate on my failures with cr and forget my achievements. This afternoon for example, I chose not to have lunch but joined my colleagues in the canteen. I won't lie, it is near torture to sit and watch people eat my favourite foods (of course the one day I go to the canteen they have burritos) but I keep reminding myself it's *my* choice and not giving in to each and every food desire, both mine and other's, makes me feel so much better in the long run. I think about my camo peach sitting at home waiting for me after taekwondo tonight and how much more satisfying it will be to eat it knowing I triumphed over my learned reactions to the sight and smell of gak. Unlike Mary's healthy canteen, ours serves its fair share of gak along with adulterated healthy options (fish and veg slathered with butter; salad with dressings).

I've also noticed that eating a high-protein breakfast and not having lunch actually helps manage my hunger better than eating a big salad at work. The experimentation continues...

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Christina said...

Thank you for the comment, JD!

I've also been avoiding cafeteria food were I work - it's usually unhealthy and almost always dissapointing in taste. I wish we could all hire Mary's cook! :)
Also, I notice that the more I cook my own food the pickier I am about food quality no matter where it comes from.

The camo peach looks delicious!