Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Too busy to CRON?

No way! I've had a super busy week since last Wednesday. I left my old job, spent the weekend in scotland, started a new job on Monday and had major boyfriend issues all week. The weekend wasn't great as I visited my parents and I can never resist my mum's cooking but otherwise it's been pretty good. I've been too busy to put everything into CoM but I can tell I'm on track: my weight's dropping and my skin is clear and I feel energetic. One of the good things about my new job is that I'll be working hard all day, not having to think about food or nutrition and I'll need to prepare lunches in advance. The office has a microwave, which is a novelty for me after 2 years of working where they were considered a threat to health and safety. I doubt the weather in London is going to get much better in the coming months so does anyone have any good recipes for reheatable food I can make in a batch on the weekend, freeze and eat all week?

I've given myself a new rule of not eating junk (free or otherwise) at the new office. I think I'll be pretty successful as the staff there are so busy they just don't have time to think about buying treats to offer other people. The cafeteria has a cheap but meagre salad selection, though they do have oil roasted vegetables which I love. I've been eating salads there since I started and probably will do again tomorrow. Today a had a couple of spoonfuls of rice and peas and a couple of spoons of tuna pasta with my veg. For dinner I had some canned sardines, canned vegetable soup, and steamed frozen soya beans with wasabi. I'm on a semi-vegetarian-craving-beans kick at the moment.

Also going to navigate the route to work tomorrow on my bike. The shower facilities there are nice - they even have a steam room!


Sara said...

Good luck with the new job! A steam room sounds very swanky indeed. :-)

How did your competition go?

Linda said...

My most flexible and easy recipe is quorn with vegetables. I usually start by gently cooking onion, garlic, peppers celery, whatever is to hand - then add quorn mince, a can of chopped tomatoes and some stock. Simmer half an hour. It freezes well and can be used as a base for bolognese, chili, curry, goulash, or top with mash (sweetpotato and carrot is nice) and bake to make CRottage pie