Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Storing avocado

Does anyone have any tips on how to store an avocado without it turning brown? I'd like to eat one over the course of a few days. Is this even possible?


skinnybitch said...

If possible, store the avocado with the pit in it. Removing the pit causes it to turn brown faster. Also, I've heard adding a little lemon juice can help, though I can't say I've ever tried it.

Emily said...

Store in the fridge, with plastic wrap or a plastic bag touching all cut surfaces. We keep them at home for 3-5 days without any problems. If it's in a bag, it'll be fine - having plastic wrap touch the cut edges just keeps it from turning brown.

Arturo said...

I usually do what Robin does, since I only eat a half of an avocado at a time. I put the pit back into the remaining piece and cover with the shell of the emptied out part that I ate. If you wait long to eat the remainder, you can cut off the part that is brown. The part underneath should be still good.