Saturday, 28 April 2007

Saturday food insanity

Due to yesterday's doughnut incident I didn't feel very hungry this morning, which is always a warning sign that I've over-eaten the day before. Usually I can't wait to chop up my little strawberries but this morning I just had a boiled egg and 5 hazelnuts. I started my first Japanese class today at SOAS which ran from 10 until 12 and I worried that if I didn't eat breakfast I might get hungry while I was out, which might have lead to unmeasurable eating. I needn't have worried though, because my two arch-nemeses Restaurant Food and Free Food thwarted my plans for anything resembling a CR day.

I met up with my friend for 1pm sushi at Kulu Kulu. I wasn't even hungry yet but I had two pieces of avocado sushi which looked a bit like these ones on the left, 4 pieces of salmon sashimi, a fish soup and a delicious but deadly mochi. Like this but without the cream. So long "not one bite" rule! This is precisely my problem with restaurant eating! :(

After the mochi indulgence I got a huge sugar craving which I managed to stave off until I got home. This was done with great difficulty because I'm completely addicted to sugar and it seemed like everyone and their goat on Regent Street had an ice cream in hand. I've developed a new trick which seems to work quite well though; whenever I see strangers eating food that I'm craving, such as a burger or ice cream, I pretend that they're eating a lump of pure lard or a cone full of butter. This distracts my mind long enough to contain the impulse to get some too.

I seriously just need to stop eating sugar altogether because if I go for long enough (usually 1-2 weeks) without it I no longer crave it at all.

On the way home I purchased some carrots, spring onions, black grapes, strawberries, raspberries and yogurt and was planning on a small dinner. By the time I got home I was pretty dehydrated and frazzled from the day so I made my favourite comfort food: guacamole. I make mine with 1 avocado, 1 spring onion, 2 tomatoes and 1 birds eye chili. I ate the whole damn lot plus 2 Onigiri my flatmate had left for me. How kind of her! Free Food strikes again. :(

I then proceeded to eat an entire bunch of black grapes, 3 strawberries, 10 hazelnuts and 5 almonds. Bleurgh... binging once again but at least this time it's not on doughnuts.

So... I've over-eaten and feel pretty crap right now.

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